"Tsoline is a gifted and accomplished musician. I have been impressed with her excellent musical gifts. As a teacher, she has an admirable ability to effectively communicate musical and technical ideas with patience and gentleness. She is a caring and compassionate individual. Her genuine enthusiasm and knowledge of music is highly evident in her interactions."

Walter Ponce
Professor of Music
Head of Piano Area, UCLA

"Tsoline is an accomplished performer. I am impressed by her intelligence, musicianship, scholarly curiosity, work habits, dedication and determination. As a teacher of piano, Tsoline brings over twenty years of studio and institutional experience in New York and Los Angeles. Whether in a class situation or a one-on-one lesson, she identifies her individual students' needs, designs repertoires based upon their individual abilities, and provides a firm foundation in musicianship and theory, motivating her students in the process while developing their organizational skills so that they utilize their time more efficiently. An accomplished performer who has presented concerts in venues such as the Carnegie Recital Hall and the Skirball Cultural Center, Tsoline, both as soloist and collaborator, practices what she preaches."

Dr. Malcolm S. Cole, Professor Emeritus
Musicology Department, UCLA

"Tsoline has great flexibility and facility, playing at top speed very challenging passages. She masters great technical ability and control in intimate musical passages. Her sound is always beautiful and singing. Her playing gives great expressivity and communicates her intentions. She displays varied dynamics and tempos. Her phrasing is very musical and demonstrates what a mature musician she is."

Judith Palanca Hansen
Professor of Music
Piano Accompanist, UCLA

Tsoline Hajian is a talented pianist and successful teacher. She is an intelligent and reliable person.

Nina Svetlanova
Professor of Music/ Pianist
Manhattan School of Music
Mannes College of Music, New York

"...during the past few years, Tsoline has given outstanding solo recitals in Los Angeles at the Skirball Center for the Arts, as well as UCLA Schoenberg Hall in fulfillment of the Masters degree program. Her experience as a piano teacher is extensive. Her technical and musical insights, potential, and knowledge of piano pedagogy is impressive. Her abundant talents and vibrant personality speak for themselves. She demonstrates sterling character, always completing with great professionalism anythings she sets out to do, while leaving room for new dimensions to be discovered."

Bruce Sutherland
Professor of Music/Piano
Los Angeles, CA

"Tsoline has a true gift for teaching music. She served as a music teacher in our school. She has developed and implemented music curricula in classrooms of 25-35 students. Her responsibilities included choosing appropriate music and teaching it to our students for our frequent concerts including holidays and formal performances. She also produced all of the music for school plays. Additionally, she has constructed and implemented a music appreciation program. In so doing, she has addressed various learning styles and levels in her lessons and has proven herself to be a reliable, professional instructor of music. She collaborates well with other professionals and is liked and respected by all."

Sister Lucia, Principal
Armenian Sisters' Academy of L.A.

"Tsoline Hajian has taught piano to our three children for the past eight years. During that time, we have seen her interact with each of them in a unique and age-appropriate fashion, always setting high expectations and encouraging them in their music studies in a positive way but without being overbearing. She has exposed them to classical music but at the same time has been open and glad to teach other types of music whether it be jazz, ragtime or modern and popular music. She has also prepared her students for recitals and has treated them with dignity, respect, and as serious performers. This is a testament to her professionalism, warmth and dedication to her students and profession. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, we have seen and enjoyed Tsoline perform before large audiences (her stunning performance at the Skirball Cultural Center comes to mind) and have seen her volunteer countless number of hours at the Certificate of Merit reviews every spring."

Paul Seraydarian

"I have known Tsoline since she started giving my son, Haig Akian, piano lessons. Both he and I were very pleased with Tsoline's method of teaching. She is a consummate professional teacher and exceptionally talented concert pianist. She is kind, intelligent, conscientious, patient, and responsible both socially and professionally."

Sonia Akian

"An amazing teacher...Tsoline raised my level of piano performance and musical knowledge tremendously. Thank you."

Daniel Berman





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